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We Just Love What We Do!

Founded by Megan Coppola in 2011, after strong encouragement from her loving husband Christian, Megan used her more than 7 years of training from the Original Coffee and Tea Markets owner, Angela Matalas to open its doors. Ever wonder how Beans got its French country feel? Megan’s grandmother worked in the exact same storefront in the 1970’s and the French Country decor pays homage to her grandmothers origin of Fontaine Bleau, France. Believing that every person is different and that should be embraced, every person that walks through the doors gets a personal experience, creating their order in every unique way possible.  Handcrafting your order to be exactly as you like, is something we pride ourselves in doing! 

Beans and Leaves Coffee and Tea Cafe is a locally owned shop catering to the community now serving both, the North & South shore of Staten Island. The selection of fair trade flavored coffee beans are brewed fresh daily and available by the pound; the teas are imported from around the globe and also available for bulk purchase or brewed by the cup. With seasonal specials, daily specials, and a menu that is constantly growing, Beans and Leaves has become a favorite neighborhood spot for locals and a destination for those looking for a local experience.

At Beans, we know that every person is different, and every person has a different story to tell. We try to make every experience the best we can, realizing that for some, a simple cup of coffee, just might be the best part of someone’s day. Our baristas may not train at a school or learn the science of a cup of coffee, but they get to know their customers, and how to make a drink exactly how they love it. We will keep working until we get it right and find the perfect cup for you! 


Our waffles are possibly some of the best you have ever tasted and our waffle masters take pride in plating a perfectly crafted combination of flavors for you! There is no greater reward for them, then seeing their creations shared on various media outlets such as Insider Dessert, The Staten Island Advance, Industry Magazine, Gothamist and the list goes on! We were thrilled to be featured at the 2019 New York City Food Network Sunday Brunch!

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